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The Company

The Company

Our mission is to make cities more accessible to everyone

We accomplish this by creating comfortable, community homes that inspire people to live a more intentional life.

There’s a place for you in the city. We’re here to help you find it.

We’ll make the living arrangements delightful and sustainable so that people can stay in cities long-term. We will do this by redefining the meaning of home. Innovative interior-design that increases livable space and smart technology that reduces waste will be at our core. We are building our communities in a way that will reflect the diverse, eclectic nature of each city.

Home is welcoming, relaxing and safe. Home is a group of respectful, warm, and empathetic people. Home is an inclusive, uplifting community. Welcome to Starcity.

Our Team

Our team is small but mighty. We’re a world-class team that’s changing how cities are lived in. We’ve worked at world-class companies like Airbnb, Beats By Dre, CBRE, Credit Karma, Cushman & Wakefield, Facebook, Fairmont, Fitbit, Google, Hack Reactor, Hilton, Pankow, Shorenstein, SOM, The SF Vault, The Standard, Uber, Apple, and UC Davis.

Jon Dishotsky


Used to DJ house parties with records and turntables as DJ Flobie

Mo Sakrani


First business: selling hip-hop CDs in the school yard

Jesse Suarez


In 6th grade, spent an inordinate amount of time designing a schematic for a jetpack

Karlene Holloman

EVP of Asset Management

Payal Gandhi

EVP of Real Estate Development

Stephen Ripley

VP of Engineering

Reena Jain


Once was a fashion designer

Meagan Jensen

Manager of People Operations

Has a cat named Zelda (after Fitzgerald, and the Legend of)

Esteve Almirall

Acquisitions Director

Maria Del Campo

Interior Design Manager

Linda Chen

Investor Relations Manager

Eli Sokol

Development Manager

Zack Pardey

Director of Research & Development

Elle Parry

Sr. Development Manager

Ellis Tran


Beat Tetris on arcade

Victor Soto

Facilities Associate

Loves car shows

Misael Gonzalez

Senior Facilities Associate

Loves horseback riding and rodeos

Thea Brown

Marketing Manager

Once had a ball pit in her apartment

Ryan Trombetta

Staff Accountant

Huge Golden State Warriors fan and avid golfer

Ashley Draklich


Dan Livingston

Staff Design Engineer

James Muturi

Software Engineer

Loves fountain pens, has terrible handwriting

Cassi Hoye

Member Experience Manager

Brett Celestre

Software Engineer

Curtis Wong

Product Manager, Construction Technologies

Matt Brown

Investment Associate

Alex Hauser

Software Engineer

Alex Nunez

Facilities Manager

Thara Zulueta

Community Manager

Rosana Martinez

Community Director

Richard Melendez

Sr. Facilities Associate

Melissa Schoenecker

Assistant Community Manager

Maddie Propster

Events Associate

Lexi Winfree

Marketing Associate

Jessica Shapiro

Events Associate

Jasmin Coates

Experience Associate

Chris Desponds

Community Manager

Chuck Smith

Facilities Associate

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